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Reviews for "Man Man 3"

booty booty butt bad

Honestly, what am I watching. The skits pile one on top of the other, like a shit snowball gaining momentum down shit hill, relying solely on fart noises and lolsorandum xD humor, as shown in EVERY FUCKING SKIT.

I almost broke my knees from fits of laughter when things would randomly happen, like the second skit, which relies entirely on the humor of someone falling unexpectedly. Am I supposed to be laughing yet? This same technique to garner pity laughs is used by the pizza skit, cat/ kangaroo skit, and others.

As mentioned earlier, this is no longer 2004, you're no longer in the cage in middle school drooling and making fart noises for all of your autistic friends to giggle at as you shame your parents. This infantile type of humor no longer suffices, it is impossible to maintain any level of comedic merit by adding awesomefaces and memes to everything.

Sorry for the review, but, it's 2011, you're no longer 12, and you can't act like this is funny anymore. You can't just animate poorly and fart while hoping the audience of newgrounds keels over in a giggle fit in the giggle pit.

I'll be generous and give you a one, seeing as at least one animator put forth a conscious effort to not have this be baby autist's first flash animation. Hopefully, from this review and others, you can both evolve your sense of humor and your animating styles.

I'm that guy who gave a zero with a wall of text

I'm used to seeing poor submissions from these users, but my god, none of them have ever been so visually repugnant and horrendously unfunny warranting a lengthy hate review like this one has.

I understand that all the skits are trying desperately hard to be funny and random and I can see that ALLOT of work has gone in to this awkwardly bad skit show, but FUCK. This is embarrassing, I can't believe I'm even reviewing this crap, this is shameful garbage.

I absolutely love the way you implement disturbingly unfunny canned sound effects, terrible voice acting, and the oh so consistent gay subculture references that YOU NEED to get the joke across is every terrible piece of shit you autistics manage to put into fla form. I would love to go in detail on why I every skit in this (series???) horrible collab is terrible and relies completely on childish fart jokes with random l o l humor and ugly facial expressions, but I can't because they are all the same thing, only difference being that they got progressively worse as it dragged on.

Art wise, in comparison to your other works and just my standards in general, was awful, sloppy and ugly. With ever skit bringing new meaning to the word "bad", it was hard to watch this the whole way through. If I were to pick from the fine selection of artists whose work I enjoyed the least, it would undoubtedly be TheFabs, not just because she is a terrible artist and an immature brat with an awful sense of humor, but because her skits in this actually effected my value of life.

Overall, I see no potential in this series and it is my personal recommendation to discontinue it.