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Reviews for "Man Man 3"


Made me laugh lots :D


It was the best by far, in terms of animations that is, but I would like some more randomness. In short terms, I would like it to be longer. Otherwise just keep up the awesome work. And if submit something in the future you could look at it and see if you think I have gotten better, and then maybe I could be in on Man Man 4 (if your planning it that is :3)


The flash was very simple, but most of the sketches were funny. The recurring pizza... i love a running gag.


Well I'm actually pretty fond of short skit based Flashes and this one pulled it off quite well, my only beef with it was that a lot of the humour was simple anticipation based jokes (somethings gunan happen, oh wait it didn't, oh wait, it did it anyway)
As for the animation, I liked the variety you had and the timing of the shots was pretty nifty!

No bad

First of all, I dont want this review to be a complaint of another review that I disagree with, but I can help but say just a few words regarding Redfeather.

I don't agree with your review for multiple reasons. First, I don't think you can call these artists bad because you yourself have only contributed voice work, no art, to the portal. I understand that you don't like it, but I think calling these artsits autistic and worthless pieces of shit fuck is a little to much.

I apologize for that complaint. As for the movie that I'm reviewing, I must say that is lacking in certain areas. I didn't find most of them particularly funny, but some of them gave me a chuckle. I do think the animation could use a little work, but it is much better than the majority of content on this site.

I encourage you all to continue working, and I look forward to more of this stuff :)