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Reviews for "Man Man 3"

the music

it reminds me of pokemon. lawlz. it made me laugh. i give you an internetz. one. only one.


don't know what these retards are talking about this was pretty funny 2 me and the animation was great.......and if u dont agree with that u can go suck a fat one

lol funny

good animation made me laugh several times. Great job


Damn Xander you really have come a long way since the very first Man Man lol, I love this one its very funny and random which is what Man Man is all about and if anyone thinks that this is childish and stupid obviously has problems with maturity because even a grown man can have a sense of humor and they are most likely afraid to show theirs because they want to be "Mature" well don't listen to them Xander, you have great potential from what I've seen and I was only in your class for about a month. Anyways keep it up I can't wait to see more.

right..... XD so freaking funny i loved it