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Reviews for "Man Man 3"


Just amazing, you guys really did a great job on this :) I'm glad that you were able to fix all the problems within the flash movie, this was really enjoyable to watch :D

hilarious! redfeather and spazkid are douchebags!

i saw nothing wrong with this animation. it made me giggle a few times, but cmon guys! wtf is up with you picking on these kids! their animating is obviously better than yours by far and you are all just jealous. so go crawl back in ur mamas ass and die so no one has to hear ur bullshit.



best so far

must make more..... not enough randomness

:D!! This was awesome

I saw you comment on a flash earlier and decided to pay your page a visit! Mannnnnn... I saw this flash and it was hilarious, awesome collab, good job guys!