Reviews for "Late 4 School"

it was ok

it was funny but the weed thing kinda killed it for me i mean obviously weed does not make you hallucinate cuz im high as fuck right now writing this shit i take lsd and not get that high...

RWA responds:

Weed does make you hallucinate.


The animating was alright, and the audio was good aside from the females who sounded like trannies. The humor was terrible though. The two cocks thing was about the dumbest thing I've ever seen Pico say in any flash (which, while we're on the topic of cocks, I think having a penis appear at the end of the flash isn't so much a "cock joke" just a chance for you to make an unnecessary drawing of a penis). Pico (along with most of the other "children") looks to be about 30. Having him be half the size of other people in the beginning was a nice attempt at making him look younger, but with the proportions you gave him in regards to his head and limbs and such, it just makes him look like an adult with the ability to shrink. Just keep at it, it's clear you have a lot of potential, I just don't think this flash hit the mark.

RWA responds:

I appreciate your constructive criticism, this movie actually was rushed so I had to cut and cheat everywhere I could! :D

As for the lame jokes, if you look at my other work you'll see that I usually don't have themes like this. This movie was done for kicks, and I thought "hell, might as well give newgrounds what it wants (i.e. cock jokes)! :D

Assaulting fat people isnt funny.


While it looked fine, it wasn't funny, just a terrible meme with popular youtube video parody thrown in for no reason.

This was...

Pretty bad.