Reviews for "Late 4 School"

this was pretty good!

i really liked it, but the ending couldve been cut short...
other than that, im looking forward to your other stuff!

Happy Pico day!

RWA responds:

Thanks! :)

it was good

mouth animating needs work... but other than that... nice stuff!

RWA responds:

Yeah, I know, I rushed to finish in time so I had to cheat on the animation! :P
Thanks for the review!


This flash has so much Archie in it...

RWA responds:

I honestly never read Archie...not sure if it's available in my country oO
Bu thanks! :)


I love how the short harkened back to the original Pico story. No ninja and no final boss probably due to the time constraint? Still, maybe you could have added the chicks with dicks joke for the second surprise cock joke, maybe in a sequel to finish off the hallucination? Either way. Great video!

RWA responds:

Thanks for the review, happy to see you enjoyed it! :)

A few ideas popped in my mind and I decided to do 'em for Pico Day. I was thinking of doing a sequel (with more planning and on time) for next year, depending on the reception.


nice of you for using the "yeah" from CSI: MIAMI.