Reviews for "Late 4 School"


Man you will comment on EVERYONE'S post huh?

RWA responds:

Maybe I will :)


I love how the short harkened back to the original Pico story. No ninja and no final boss probably due to the time constraint? Still, maybe you could have added the chicks with dicks joke for the second surprise cock joke, maybe in a sequel to finish off the hallucination? Either way. Great video!

RWA responds:

Thanks for the review, happy to see you enjoyed it! :)

A few ideas popped in my mind and I decided to do 'em for Pico Day. I was thinking of doing a sequel (with more planning and on time) for next year, depending on the reception.


This was funny.I loved this.

RWA responds:

Yay! thanks! :D


This is a cool Pico's School pardoy,dude!I like it!Just one thing-the quality is a little blury.But that doesn't matter much.It's awesome!Good job!;D

RWA responds:

Thanks! Quality is blurry because I had to compress the original .mov file into a .swf file, hence loose some quality. You can see the HQ version on my YouTube channel (follow the "Website" link). :)

Anime Studios

I can very easily tell you made this with anime studios. Or at the very least ToonBoom. The animation was actually pretty good, many movements looked stale and too short of inbetween frames, i don't know if that's because of frame loss or quick animation. Either than that my only complaint is that some lines (like the shoulders of the chick Pico was trying to bag in his hallucination) were sloppy.

RWA responds:

Thanks for the review! Most parts were rushed because of the deadline, but there still is frame loss which makes it worse. I uploaded an HQ version to YouTube so you can check it and compare (there's a link under "My Website").

Oh, and I did this with Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 (good eye). After I heard about it from Adam Phillips, it became my number one animation tool! I did the compositing and post-production in After Effects.