Reviews for "Late 4 School"


its so funny! Love it, very original. 10/10 5/5

I feel your pain Pico...

I'm a ginger kid too... and every day I'm made fun of by old black-and-white has-been disney characters... T.T

preety funny lol

Preety funny lol

From the scores, I expected better

Not here to troll or to hate unfairly, but this was disappointing. The original Pico School was juvenile enough, but your flash suffered from really bad pacing and timing for the jokes, and writing that left a lot to be desired. Every single punchline was predictable and tired, some of the gags were basically non-jokes (I farted, it smells so much!), and the whole thing felt like a mess. However, to your credit, it looks like you can animate decently, and you had pretty good voice actors, but seriously, I don't doubt you put a lot of work into this, but more thought need to go into the process. I'm not saying you suck and should stop submitting by any means: take this the way you want, you have a lot to improve upon. This means that while the movie was pretty bad, you definitely have a lot of potential.


But isnt Pico and his friends in like 2nd grade in picos school anyways AWSOME