Reviews for "Late 4 School"

it was good

mouth animating needs work... but other than that... nice stuff!

RWA responds:

Yeah, I know, I rushed to finish in time so I had to cheat on the animation! :P
Thanks for the review!


That made the movie, the rest was good, but that made it great!!!

RWA responds:

tnx :D


i thought it was pretty good, though the beggining was not synced correctly, but it eventually fixxed itself. Otherwise pretty good job.

Hope you are allowed to compete for pico awards

RWA responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D

Great movie

I liked it.

I guess you could say
"puts on shades"
they weeded out the problem

RWA responds:



i liked it but the ending doesnt really fit well with the rest of it, and weed doesnt make you hallucinate

RWA responds:

Marihuana does make you hallucinate. I could've used some harder drugs for the parts, but in the original game Pico finds pot in a locker.