Reviews for "Staff Sumo Smackdown!"

Good game

This was a sweet little fighting game,the controls were good and i liked how you could evade by ducking though it made the game pretty easy but the one thing that would have been real cool was a two player mode but overall i thought it was a fun game so nice job. =)

Manly-Chicken responds:

I wanted a 2 player mode. But time constraints suck.

love it!!!!

its way better than a ultimate fighting mayhem!!! :D

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Eh.It's good but...I mean some of the Staff look like they have fat necks...like Wade...But otherwise it's good.I just don't appreciate the detail like the background or character detail...but Game play is just fine.I would have Rated this 5/10 if you hadn't made it so we all have the same Health bar and if you get Knocked Out you won't lose.If you make a second one try to add some weapons like a wooden sword or crowbar.Also try to add a special move bar so when it fills up you can use a special move like luis taking opponent into air and slamming down.If you make a second one with better detail and weapons and special moves then I would rate it a 10/10 5/5 but now only a 4/5 and a 9/10.

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Thank you for your suggestions.


It was pretty simple and basic, but nonetheless entertaining...

[5/5 and 10/10]

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Its way to easy. But other hand easy medals ;)
ow senorita i like the way the light reflects on your moustache. The girl in mexico background lol

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