Reviews for "Staff Sumo Smackdown!"


Yeaah!! Finally all medals complete
Thanks to you guys, this game awesome and really easy to beat.
Im gonna favorite this thing...

Btw, why stamper medal looks like a baby. LOL

Manly-Chicken responds:

Because that's his icon ( stamper.newgrounds.com )

I'm giving a good score...

... 'cause you gave us easy medals points, and we all appreciate it.

Manly-Chicken responds:

that's not a good reason...

Look at me, I got all the medals, mommy!

Pretty good game. I probably liked it so much because It's insanely easy and makes me feel good about myself. xD I'm confused as how the animation is so awesome yet the grammar can be, at times, pretty awful. I think it's kind of weird that if you fall off, you lose, but if they fall off all that happens is a little health is taken away. Also, there could've been something like an ultimate character that has "Stranth" and speed maxed out and then fight everyone one after another in one giant round. The announcers voice is awesome. I wish he said more stuff cause his voice is bad ass.
All in all, solid game that kept me busy for like 3/4ths of an hour. :D

Manly-Chicken responds:

Your welcome :3


I'm a big fan of this game! The game is easy enough to beat, but not so easy a baby could do it!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Then I guess Stamper is a baby.


this game is really awesome and playable. I like how you made each one of the different Characters to choose from.

RedHarvest did an awesome job for the art. the art that he did was very well made and i really like it.

Shock-Dingo did a great job doing the Voices for this awesome and Playable game. I really love the Voice in this game.

Tyler did awesome for m aking Additonal Art for this Game. the Art he made was really colorful and pretty.

YouriX is awesome for the music for this playable Game. the music is catchy and awesome.

Overall this Game is really awesome and playable.

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