Reviews for "Escape the Mist"



The Roman Empire Lives - 2035
Those are the clues . . .

Oh what the heck the door password is MMXXXV
Pm me as thanks, you bleeping owe me one :)

P.s The endings crap, you should of made the the guy get hit by a car when he gets outside.

I found it pretty cool

the tough part was finding the missing key I loved it, I kind of wished it was longer.

Great, except for one or two little things.

I think that you did a great job on this game. There are only one or two things you could do to improve on this and later games. One is the fact that whenever you click on something that prompts speech, you can click again and again and it will just play the sound every time you click, causing an echo-like effect. This doesn't effect the game at all, but it might be nice to just have the sound end each time you click again. The other is that you should put a bit more work into plot. This game would have been much much better with a little bit more plot. Good job, especially with the roman numerals.

I really enjoyed the graphics but the controls were a little clunky. I opened the door next to keyboard and then the screen went black, is that the end or did the game glitch on me? If it's the end, it's way too abrupt. Overall though, I liked it.

over all this game would be fun if it was not har

This game is confusing cant even get past the third room. not only that but i can't find the third letter where is it.also i think we should be able to look on the floor for clues