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Reviews for "Pico - The After Years 2"

how could u shelf this innicent boy?

tom- how did he take off his mask?
guy- answer my question!
lol awesome flash

it kelp laging

after pico said oh god it lag like sh it manbut i counld hear it perfect do but not see it the picter foze on pico larwer while the voices kelp going

This movie is great.

There is a bit of an issue I like to address. After fiddling around with quality settings, I noticed less lag within the movie. This may be in fact the movie is too big to play through newgrounds onto my computer to avoid lag.

I suggest trying out another load by separating the trial into two parts or find another way to cut enough bites out without destroying a masterpiece.

AsthmaticHamster responds:

I'm gonna try that right now! Thanks for the tip!

Top Hat

I felt like wearing a monocle when I saw this here. Can't wait for the next Pico Day submission of Pico - The After Years.

Hmm.... *climbs into freezer* Thaw me out in 360 days bitches! *closes freezer door*


Nice flash animation.
My favourite part is
'I, Gary McFish shall help my client...' or something like that
'I plead guilty your honour! GUILTY!!!'