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Reviews for "Pico - The After Years 2"


Tits and Violence, these are the only things that this animation lacked.

AsthmaticHamster responds:

Here's a picture of a pair of tits fighting to help fill that gap :

http://www.ardeaprints.com/image/blue _tit_parent_bird_feeding_fledgling_12 97761.jpg

Pretty entertaining, with one TERRIBLE flaw

You've probably heard it before, but the second the lawyer guy comes in it lags like the internet was just decapitated. It murdered my internet browser twice, and then I watched it on LOW quality (right click, change the settings) and I noted my CPU usage went from 20% to 99% the second the lawyer shows up. It then continues with dips down to 60% here and there, but watching under high quality murders the flash, I cannot honestly see anything. Even at low quality, the frame count becomes atrocious, and it is very unbearable to watch. Other than that, pretty good plot, just completely ruined by the lag. :\

AsthmaticHamster responds:

I think I just found the source of my problems. I use a plug-in called Vcam that acts (as the name states) as a virtual camera to zoom in or do pans in the image. I just found out via google that resizing the Vcam under 50% or over 150% can cause serious lags, so I changed it and re-uploaded the file. It should be corrected in the next few days.

everybody throw your computers out the window!

it doesn't lag at all on mine :D

nice movie, i thought it got a bit boring at some point but a nice overal effort and great concept.since you take the time to make something so long and good, i'd take more time on drawings and mouth animation if i were you
aaaand no replay button?

it is lag :(

when you make the ace attorney reference it begins to lag and i want able to finish the movie trie to fix it or cut it in parts and upload it separate to see if it keep lagging....

AsthmaticHamster responds:

I actually tried doing several parts, but the problem remains. I really don't know why it does that (i removed all the Flash blurs, so that helped a lot). Sorry for the inconvenience.


Now that was a hilarious sequal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just curious, why did this take so long to make?

AsthmaticHamster responds:

No reason, really. I just got lazy :P