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Reviews for "Pico - The After Years 2"


Brotip: There's actually 4 phoenix wright games. So change it.

AsthmaticHamster responds:

Nope, the 4th one is not Pheonix Wright, it's Apollo Justice :)

It's not bad, but...

...it's really not spectacular either. The animation, though certainly better than several, isn't really eye-catching, and the character models seem a little cut-paste, save for Pico's "attorney". The humor was often dry, and while I'm one of the few who appreciates things like that, the jokes that were meant to have a bit more impact didn't come across well in delivery. The writing in this was, in several cases, very dull. It was funny, don't get me wrong, but it felt like an effort to get there. I understand this was all put in a very serious setting, but it still just didn't have the punch it needed to bring it all across.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this, but it really just wasn't anything too special. Work on your timing, your transition from joke to joke and point to point, and other points like that and you could have something really nice on your hands.


Funny at times, but overall far too slow for the story to actually progress.


Alright well it wasn't 'bad', at all, but just as the original, this is incredibly slow. The voice work and animation was high up there, and overall it had a professional feel, but truly honestly too slow.


Well it was pretty damn funny overall, but just for a minute I got kinda bored, overall GREAT though. My fav part was: "Theres a dead squirrel, why dont you do a report on that! LOL