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Reviews for "Pico's Penny Prank"

Nice, but. . .

I think there's a few elements lacking in this video that would've made it better.

The animation was good, but it could've used a bit more here and there, minor details.

Soundtrack was nice, I enjoyed that the most ^-^ The prank he made was a bit funny, but I was hoping the kid would've got ran over by the truck(yes, my mind is just that messed up).

But, considering everyone else isn't as blood crazy as me, the prank was a thumbs up.

Any who, nice job : D

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ToonCastleTV responds:

Its true that animating everything on 1s wouldve gave it a smoother effect, but wouldve taken away from the expressiveness of the movements I feel. Im gonna add length + a bloody ending for viewers like you when I gotta sec ^^


haha cool man. I like the animation style you used on this one

ToonCastleTV responds:

thanks man ^^


Im giving this 5/5 and 10/10

ToonCastleTV responds:

yay ! ^^


Short, fastpaced & entertaining! The handdrawn backround fits great for the intro, the sketchy style of animation is smooth and always moving and the scenery always detailed. Though the plot isn't much in itself the very expressive movements and faces make up for it many times over, keep it up!


ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks buddy means a lot. This movie has a lot of PicoDay Magic in it, and really is a small miricale i got this here on time. I agree plot needs work, I'm actually going to release a longer version of this flash with more gags and violence when I have a moment ;)


Cool, I love the fluidity of the characters. :3

ToonCastleTV responds:

thanks buddy ^^ me 2 :D