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Reviews for "PICO tastes the Uber Soup"

To Elaborate...

So... All this time Pico was a twinker (gay: Twinkies, think about it) and you're a guy? I need to make some calls.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

I'm not a guy :((((

Uber Soup?

I think that the creator of Raise to Review Mod deserves an actual review, not spam or a one liner. Just wanted to get that out.

Now on to the actual submission. I found it to be stupidly funny, in that I laughed for quite a while at the ending. Of course it was sick, but who cares? I know that making a Pico flash on Pico day is tough, because the staff and extremely popular artists have their perfect submissions.

But the artwork. Was this rushed or something? I'm pretty sure you can draw much better than this - it's on par with MY drawing skills, somehow. Since you referenced the Soup guys, you might've just been joking; I don't know.

A quick laugh, pulled down by graphics. That's pretty much all I can think of to say about this flash - you're obviously free to tell me if I missed an important detail.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Yeah, it was rushed, I did it pretty much in about half an hour, if I had started before hand then I would have been able to add more details in such as shading and better arm animation, lol, but I've been busy with university.

Also, I am the founder of the Soup Squad, it's not a stab at them, the flash submited by the other members of the group is better but then I think they spent longer on it.


i appreciate you using my song ^.^

ill be honest its not the worst flash ive seen on this site, ive seen worse...they have been blammed.

the joke is quite on par with what you usually see on newgrounds lol. so not much suprise there.

ill give it a 5/10


Little-Seven-Seize responds:

I liked it, not sure why and I'm not sure it even fits in with it, but lol.


Badly made.

The Music is not suited, the animating is slow-paced and boring and the storyline to ANY good Animation needs variety.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

I come on NewGrounds daily and love the work everyone here does, I'm sure one day I'll make something worthwhile too but until then enjoy everyone else's work, I'm a big fan of Egoraptor, OneyNG and Tom Fulp.

bull fucking shit