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Reviews for "PICO tastes the Uber Soup"

Based on my opinion, Uber soup:

I had saw this flash ever seen.

The comments I have read here, It is very funny in all many flash portals. The graphics you had drawed on pico, is very funny.

On the other hand, I was a beginner and not expert in art, because my art is poor, but looks like Classic Dos's Art, not advanced art. I wanna try in the flash for my advancement, endeavour my graphics during drawing on my computer.

I'm never know why you draw the soup, because this soup is not watery, all lines here. Sorry, but I think this is more worth.

Other than this submission makes me funny and whatever, I also soon to create my flash at the future.

Thanks for my comments and Happy Pico day. But my english is need to be improved. All of my comments is very confusing.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

I tried not making this soup watery but okay, thanks for your review.

Uber Soup?

I think that the creator of Raise to Review Mod deserves an actual review, not spam or a one liner. Just wanted to get that out.

Now on to the actual submission. I found it to be stupidly funny, in that I laughed for quite a while at the ending. Of course it was sick, but who cares? I know that making a Pico flash on Pico day is tough, because the staff and extremely popular artists have their perfect submissions.

But the artwork. Was this rushed or something? I'm pretty sure you can draw much better than this - it's on par with MY drawing skills, somehow. Since you referenced the Soup guys, you might've just been joking; I don't know.

A quick laugh, pulled down by graphics. That's pretty much all I can think of to say about this flash - you're obviously free to tell me if I missed an important detail.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Yeah, it was rushed, I did it pretty much in about half an hour, if I had started before hand then I would have been able to add more details in such as shading and better arm animation, lol, but I've been busy with university.

Also, I am the founder of the Soup Squad, it's not a stab at them, the flash submited by the other members of the group is better but then I think they spent longer on it.

don't worry about Sizzlebolt!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!! Sorry i was laughing during(and way before) this post!! it is hilarious!! the only thing that is bad is the graphics. but it gives off a sort of funny childish feel to it!! and about Sizzlebolt!! forget that guy!! he is just a evil bully!! if something isn't nds or ps3 quality he's mad about it!! he forgets that this website is for people to practice their talent and soar with wonderful ideas!! the concept of all art is to make people laugh, surprise them, excite them, scare them, make them happy, make them sad, inspire them and make them feel what the artist felt when he or she created it!! in this case the art is this video and the artist is you! you shouldn't let people put you down just because you are inexperienced!! do your best!! improve your work!! and show them you can soar with your ideas!! don't let them hold you back!! go all out and all the way!! oh and the song that plays afterward(i think it said something about lemonade) is also hilarious!! what is that song called? i love it!! want to be friends?? i want to see more of your stuff!!( i also want to give you ideas and help you improve your work!!) If you can't improve the graphic then to make up for the bad graphics you should make it SOOO interesting that it does not matter!!(hunters part 1-6 is an awesome example. maybe you heard of it?) over all this was good but there is room for improvement!! and that is all part of being young!! (i would know being young too. i sound like a old wise man, don't i? it's just that i know what i am talking about!!) so i am going to end it here because i have been talking(well in this case typing) for WAY to long!! so see you in your next work of art!! Chaosbraker, out!!

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Okay then, thankyou for that.


That was so unexpected. I just started laughing for like 2 minutes straight.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Good to hear you enjoyed it :D

Badly made.

The Music is not suited, the animating is slow-paced and boring and the storyline to ANY good Animation needs variety.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

I come on NewGrounds daily and love the work everyone here does, I'm sure one day I'll make something worthwhile too but until then enjoy everyone else's work, I'm a big fan of Egoraptor, OneyNG and Tom Fulp.