Reviews for "Picoday Pinata Party"


dynamic. dramatic. awesome. and.... new side of story about :"Pico and team kick's anyone and shit.". really good work. and thx, for so hard work.
p.s. sorry for my bad english.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

your english isn't as bad as Hulalaoos :P And thanks!

where was pico ?

it was an amazing and brilliantly animated, animation but where is pico? because i thought pico was ginger. neve the less it was great and entertaining

Zombie-Pimp responds:

Pico was the ginger in this flash! he was in there I swear lol


My favorite part wuz when he wuz squeesing that girl with his giant hand, and her boobs were pressing together, bobbing... Awesome.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

lol they were bobbing? I don't remember animating that... well, glad you liked it!


why it s always ending equal the lion guy should die damn it

Wait a minute

picos not dead.