Reviews for "Picoday Pinata Party"


It was cool but was Pico in it was he that ginger tankman I couldn't tell?

I actually really liked that

Both animators did a splendid job on the animation, there was endless parts that was magnificently animated, so smooth.
I can't really say which one I liked more but doesn't matter.
Art style was very nice, I can't seem to get tired of this cartoonist look :)
There was actually a couple of surprises in this as well, I really thought the bad guys was dead at certain points and they got back up again, showed how tough they were, I liked that.
I was a little confused on the story because I haven't checked up all the Pico stuff but I get the idea there isn't really a storyline anymore, but I wasn't going to let this ruin the thing for me, I didn't really mind, not everything has to have a outstanding story or one at all.

I liked a lot of stuff in this, added it to my favorites, good job on everyone in this <3

ok but...

The movie was cool n stuff but why did the movie freeze but the music keep going?

where is pico

he isnt even in it


Golfinho's Pico puberty porn was better.....