Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"


Where I ******* have to click for the medal!!!???
I can't unlock other endig.
But..... I like it very much,great animation.


how do you get the badges though? i don't get the variable control system. anyway, awesome, and im speechless as to quality.

portal warriors

best flash I ever scene

You need to be like..

a choose your survivor thing


Because I know how annoying it is to look for the medals, I'm going to tell about ALL of them:
-Hail to the King: Click "Watch more Pico Day 2011" in the main menu.
-C-c-combo Breaker: Press the right arrow key when Darnell is about to kill the Hominid.
-Change of Perspective: Press the "A" key when the Castle Crasher is about to kill Time Fcuk.
-Erotic Bonus: Double click on Sera's box in the Character Info Menu.
-RT I Like It & Screw You Asimov: 50-50 of whoever wins, keep replaying until both win.
-Secret Medal 1-Cameo I: Click on Red Baron's sword right before he's about to battle Gigantor.
-Secret Medal 2-Cameo II: Click on Mr. Cobblefart as he pops out from under the table at the end of the Erotic Bonus Scene.
-Secret Medal 3-Cameo III: Click on the butcher's knife on the table Red Baron is leaning on in the Erotic Bonus Scene.
-Secret Medal 4-WTF? FTW!: Click on Pico's head when he first appears at the end of the battle.
Hope all that helps.
P.S.-Fucking awesome movie BTW.