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Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"

best thing i ever seen GO TANKMAN

the best thing is is when i read the comments i see at least 1 comment talking about nene killing hank and i think nene died before hank cuz hank like shot her three times anyway also how to get cameo 1 but its a very very VERY great movie one of the best ones i have ever seen

that's a great vid you made but how do I save the alien Im a new guy in the game

Awesome movie! The animation and characters were well done,as well as the music.I like how it's interactive,that makes it unique.I'm taking a point off because you killed Hank,that just was upsetting.If you ever make a sequel,please add Salad Fingers,Samurai Asshole,Piconjo,or Convict.You should totally do something like this again!

hmmm,for me,funny is money