Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"

i was sad when hank lost.... OR DID HE!

Here's some help:How to save Alien Hominid,keep pressing the arrow keys,just press it
How to save Time Fcuk(the black pixelated figure),when his scene comes keep pressing A
Hidden erotic scene with Sera,double click her icon in character info
How to get WTF?FTW!,click Pico when either Gigantor or Mindchamber win the battle and enjoi!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Cameos:two of them are hidden in the erotic scene,there's a knife close to the Red Baron,try clicking it,a dark figure hidden in the table will appear for a second and hide again,click it too,Click Red Baron's sword when he's trying to defend himself against Gigantor

Hope That Helped!


where is the erotic scene

best thing i ever seen GO TANKMAN