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Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"

This is pretty awesome and kudos to all of you for making this, but how do I get Alien Hominid to parry Darnell's combo for the C-Combo Breaker medal? I've mashed several of the buttons to achieve the medal as detailed by this (http://tomysap.newgrounds.com/news/post/587655) yet I still can't seem to achieve it.

How to unlock second Cameo medal??

My god, this 3-d animation ... This film puts a lot on the plate. And it's all good.

This film has to be the best that Newgrounds has to offer! It's animation is great. The action is well paced. It brings together so many characters (though i think we all know that Hank would absolutely destroy Nene in a fight and likewise for the hominid with Darnell). It's an amazing tribute to Newgrounds. It gets all 5 stars from the Portal pal.

I remember this back then.
When I saw the achievements I tried getting a few of them.
But now that there's a new flash player, I can't really win any of the medals now.
Or is there still a way to obtain the medals?