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Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"

A cool idea, and an interesting style for it. The sound effects were pretty good, and I appreciate the medals. Unfortunately, some of the fighting looked off. The models themselves were great, but a lot of the time it didn't look like characters were getting hit or they glided in a weird way. There were some awesome moments though, like the final fight between Gigantor and Mindchamber and Larry vs the zombies. I especially liked how Gigantor ground Mindchamber into the wall. The voice acting was pretty good, but some characters disappeared without explanation. This includes Hank (though upon closer inspection he had to have been eliminated by Nene, but that could have been a really cool fight) and the Tankmen. Gooseman was pretty funny. The implication was that the Tankmen eliminated Mindchamber, not that they were eliminated. The two ending thing is pretty neat. the secrets are really cool as well, that "erotic" scene being funny and the secret ending was really cool. The medals provided enough clues, so that was nice.
Overall cool ,but could have been even cooler if some fights weren't skipped over.

I think this the only pico day submission with madness combat characters like hank and the zombies but in reality good movie.

Sorry for bad english

Omg, that was gorgeous! I loved it! I adored it even more due to the fact that it was partially interactive and you could change some events, that was amazing :D Here's a guide on how to get the medals, briefly:

-"Hail to the King" just press some random button in the menu idk anymore xx
-"C-C-Combo Breaker" When the Alien starts fighting, spam the arrow keys and buttons like QWERASFZXC
-"Change of Perspective" Press A while Time Fcuk runs away from the ice knight
-"Erotic Bonus" go to that character info tab and double-click Sera's icon
-"RT I like it" + "Screw you Asimov" have both a 50% of appearing at the end so just rewatch that scene till you get them. Or just G for Gigantor and M for Mindchamber
-"Cameo I" Click Red Baron's swords when they like build a cross and are zoomed in
-"Cameo II" + "Cameo III" during the erotic scene I mentioned before, click a bug under the table for the first one and click a knife on another table for the second one
-"WTF? FTW!" kill that annoying pico at the end while he talks trash about u

Well, that's how u get all medals ^^ Anyways, this was very fun to watch and also entertaining to replay and try to get all scenes :)

nice animation :)

This Fight is Amazing. really really great work... :D