Reviews for "Warriors of the Portal"

how do you work this game/movie

Awesome! BTW if you made a game out of this, it would likely be extremely popular!

yes!!!!!!!!! mindchamber wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,pss to win you must click mindchamber with end

The guy below me is over-reacting. The movie was made by a relatively small group of people, all who worked very hard to fit as many Newgrounds characters in a reasonable time frame. If you look at it that way, it's understandable as to why some scenes were shorter than one may have liked. That being said, is the animation really worth a score of ZERO? Was there absolutely nothing likable? Really?

P.S. A lot of characters were voiced by their respective creators. So, following SpaceNinja's logic, if the voice acting is bad in this animation, then I guess the voice acting is bad in the original animations as well.

Alright, I've had enough of this fucking movie.
This movie sucked. It did. I hate to break the consensus, well actually I don't, at all, but I'm not going to throw infinite praise at one of the worst movies on Newgrounds because it uses CGI instead of flash.

This was just horrible. The voice acting was atrocious. The animation was eye candy, but it honestly serves no fucking point in the slightest. This movie would have been just as good, if not better, if it was made in flash. The biggest problem I have with this movie is that it is RIDICULOUSLY open-ended and honestly relies a lot on theories and skepticism. There were so many fucking plotholes it's not even funny.

Here's the thing, the fights, with the exception of the fight between Gigantor & MindChamber, were all uninteresting, unentertaining, ended way too fast & NONE OF THEM MET A CONCLUSION AT ALL. Such as the fight between Hank & Nene, what happened? How did Nene overpower & kill Hank? Did Hank die at all? Was it Hank that got squashed underneath Mindchambers hand, or darnell? or Nene? or alien? Was it Hank who was defeated by P-Bot? What ever happened to Sera & how did P-Bot come to be defeated? Was it Sera who defeated him & was in turn killed by the Tankmen? What was Larry's fate? What happened to Darnell? Where did they go? Did they fight each other? Did either of them fight Hank? Did Hank fight Sera at any given point? Why are there so many plotholes? What the fuck is going on that I'm NOT GETTING TO SEE?!

Any interesting fight only literally receives 15 seconds of screen time before cutting to another scene entirely for 15 seconds before rinsing and repeating. Why? Why do that? do you think people LIKE being left on a cliff hanger to wonder what the fight was like when I'm supposed to be seeing first hand what the fight is like? Famous and beloved characters like Hank and Sera only receive a mere cameo of 5 seconds before disappearing for the rest of the movie's duration to make room for absolutely pointless mascot characters that we all stopped caring about a long time ago who, albeit get more time than any other character, again barely have ANY screen time at all.

I understand that this movie is a short, but the only fight that was interesting to watch was the one between Mindchamber & Gigantor because you ACTUALLY got to watch the WHOLE brawl; the rest of it was like a montage scene from a Rocky movie; only ever showing us a fraction of what really happened. Only in the Rocky movies, it gave us the best parts of what happened during that time, where here, you just gave us barely the beginning of each fight before showing us the beginning of another!

I understand that the rest of the world is easily impressed by this, for absolutely NO other reason than the CGI. However, I am never impressed by 3D graphics compressed into an FLV file, however good they look. As afore mentioned by other users before me, all of the action is slower than a snail riding on a turtle. For the most part; characters jump, punch & kick as though they were fucking submerged under water.

I also have one other problem, what's the point of altering the course of a fight, say like the fight between Fcuk+Castle Crasher, if it doesn't alter the end result of the movie? It's not like I'll end up with Darnell+Hank brawling at the end instead of Gigantor+Mindchamber, so what's the fucking point of giving options to determine who wins which fight if it'll continue following the same linear storyline it would with or without those options? Actually, I just figured it out; THE ANIMATORS WERE FUCKING LAZY. The reason you didn't get to see who MindChamber crushed? Because then it could be anybody! That was the fucking point entirely! So that the animators don't have to put any actual effort into giving this abomination of a movie alternate endings, so that they don't have to animate anymore than the bare fucking minimum!

I hate this movie with a burning passion. Absolutely nothing felt right, beloved characters like Hank and Alien are literally given fucking SECONDS of screen time, the voice acting was atrocious, and everything was open-ended so the lazy-ass animators didn't have to animate anything more than the bare minimum of a, and I use this term VERY loosely, "Storyline", and I absolutely cannot stand how overrated this is. So go ahead and keep spamming 5's and 10's you ignorant NewGrounders. I'll be enjoying watching things with an actual plot like Madness: Ascend, Enjoy your heaven, Tarboy and Mandess Heist, as well as much better animations featuring famous NewGrounds Characters liek NewGrounds: Christmas.

Glad to finally get this off my chest. I'm done here.