Reviews for "Portal Hoppin'"

Overall Great!

I really enjoyed this one. The animation swam beautifully, and almost all of the voice acting was believable and worth hearing. This seemed to fit right into Pico days theme, and had several funny moments. Tom Fulps character seemed to steal the show, and was excellently done. I'd love to see more of this.


wow thats funny


I thought this was really good. everything about what i thought the flash was trying to do was accomplished. It entertained and made e laugh. The animation was great voice acting and quality was superb, plus the spirit fingers on the loading screen??!!??!!! I squirted awesome sauce all over the screen lol. Great flash guys.

This was fun

I love a look at an in game idea. Like the rateing system portals. it was fun and I would love to see more animation like inside the net, inside the body, type of stuff it's awesome possum in a box.

Tom reminded me of Dean...

the animation style, and some of the voiceover work kinda reminded me of "The Venture Bros."...which I love. Keep up the awesome work!