Reviews for "Portal Hoppin'"

Pico Sure does rule the day in this one! I came to this page originaly to observe how you animated fast motions instead of using inbetweens when realized I never reveiwed this classic! The character designs over the top cartoonyness works well, espically with the fast thought out pasing. The music flows great with the scene's moods, and the expressions are readable and great. Lip syncs there, and backgrounds were simple and well done. The art styles were always fitting, and the jokes were great. Nice newground refrences throughout. I think what really pulls this together as a piece though is the line quality. The brush work is so soild it's hard to tell what wasn't done in pencil and what wasn't done in brush.You must have turned off the pressure settings on your tablet to achieve this I imagine for the character outlines that were brush? Anyways, response or no response - this flash rules and is an all time favorite. I remember loving every minute of it on picoday =)

boybogart responds:

Hey man, thanks! I didn't actually use any brush for the lines in this, I just used the line tool and coverted it into fills for the parts where thick to thin lines are needed.

Just like a Saterday Morning Cartoon

Except not half an hour.

Story/Idea: Rather interesting. I like how this cartoon hints at the fact that it's Pico Day, and doesn't try too hard to specify anything. It's just a simplistic idea, only blended PROPERLY with everything else. What I'm implying is that with most Pico Day videos, it just takes a different and funny concept and tries it's hardest to be the biggest idea of them all. Here, it doesn't try too hard, and feels a tad self-aware. It knows that there might be better ideas out there, but just lays back and allows you to not have to care about the plot. I love it.

Artwork: Amazing. It's very clean-looking, it's not all over the place, and it kinda sticks out as one of the better things in the video. Need I say more?

Animation: Awesome. It seems that lots of people normally forget about the way the video moves, that being the thing I don't normally care about either. But here, something about it sticks out. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but it feels very noticeable.

Voices and Scripting: Okay. I noticed that more than one person is played by the SAME person. It would be fine if the guy could change his voice, but here, it's blatantly noticeable. I liked it though. The voices blend in well with the animation, and fit their respected roles. Pretty good.

OVERALL: Awesome. I really love it when a flash animation is completely self-aware of what it's trying to be. It's a shame you didn't win, I loved this more than Warriors Of The Portal for many reasons. You should do more stuff like this to other famous characters. Not just on NG, but on the internet in general.

asomeist ting ever

you rock man


that was funny when they turned into babiez but tom turned into CRAZY OL GRANDPA hehehe LOLOLOLOL happy pico day!!!


that's right tom pico owns you an newgrounds