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Reviews for "Dog Bum Chancer"

One of the best videos on newgrounds

Man, this animation is awesome. Theres a lot of people submiting videos here and they got a lot of talent animating but they ussually lack something interesting on their animations, they rely on their animating skills and they do high quality tasteles animations, you on the other hand have excelent skills animating and also you made me laugh and you surprised me a lot with this, this is one of the best animations I've seen, a lot of people has lots to learn from you, keep up the good work man.


Damn that's good :D


that was phyco O_O

You know what could be funny...

If someone else open the anus of the guy in the "doggie suit"


If only i had known earlier that all of life's most mundane of problems could be solved by disguising oneself as a dog, via the anus of a living dog. If only I had known...