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Reviews for "Dog Bum Chancer"

awesome but

not fullscore for not being all that funny EVEN resourcing to random disgusting bloody stuff

other than that u have nice skillz and the movie is flawless


Interesting, to say the least....

@naruto7172, he's late for work so he.... enters a.... dog anus.

Hmm, yea, I'm not sure wth that would accomplish. But hey, it was pretty out there and that's fine in my book. Check ++.


Great Flash but i have to ask.
What the fuck is going on?

Mental health???

Awesome flash dude but I'd be worried about your mental state that allows you to come up with such "unique" ideas... good work, keep it up...

what the...?

well. this is a great flash that's funny. the motions were greatly fluid, the soundtrack was appropriate. the messed up style of luney toons was funny. all in all a solid 9. the only reason it's not a ten is when the security came in, you just showed one picture and at different points. aside from that fantastic.