Reviews for "Pico Puberty Porn"


You clearly are one of the best artists. Your humor is probably the best on the site.

golfinho responds:


Holy fucking shit

This is the best thing I have ever seen
10 out of fucking ten
More please :U

golfinho responds:

thanks female.

This is just...

This flash is wonderful! I can not believe my eyes when i saw that smooth frame by frame animation. The story was very original and im sure that 100 monkeys could NOT write this awesome story, nor animate this animation so smoothly. Newgrounds voting system is too small to rate this flash. I want to rate 100000000 but i can only rate 10/10. Thanks for making this wonderful flash!

golfinho responds:

hahah true, the population of faggots on ng make my score 2.60


this should win!!! its epic! an epic pico adventure!