Reviews for "Pico Puberty Porn"

Well have to admit,

Disgusting but flawless in most ways.

Every one else who posts don't know what the review button is about.

Keep up the good animation and try your best with things.

I got nothing I really want to say what was good or bad about the video <.>

Funny as fuck!

And as for all of you DICK FARTS out there who don't agree with this animation, listen to me and listen hard: Animation isn't about just the material that you are seeing. It's about fluidity, genre accuracy, and the over all ability to entertain to the intended audience. Just because you don't agree with the subject of the animation doesn't mean that it wasn't of good quality. It was actually very fluid and look like it took some time to put it all together. Now, I don't particularly like the "fap fap" going on in this cartoon (kinda made me feel gross) but like I said, it was good work.

wow.. that was...

very true. puberty sucks. and when it happens, it goes just like that.


this is odd even for you man...

Proof Newgrounds is full of easily offended Dbags

Look at the reviews for this movie, anyone who gave it a zero. Boo-hoo, can't handle the sight of a penis you don't have eh?