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Reviews for "Urban Wars"


Good game, I enjoyed it for longer than some games do. However it got to me that in the end whoever won came down to who ran out of men first, not skill of any kind really.


beat the game with the metalheads :D

lags cause was because the enemy used for example police twice o.O

nah, game was ok... nice idea...

It is good, but has a flaw...

First of all i like the concept of this game and it is has been made very well. But the actions are too limited and you haven't thought about it when you and your enemy units deplete and both have life left. Because then the game options are depleted...

Keep up the nice work! :)

Ok, but some bad flaws

The concept is nothing new, but you executed it well. Later in the game however, upgraded units become extremely overpowered. Also, there's a very annoying flaw, if an enemy uses the cop when you have too many units out, the game lags way too much.

A fine game, but...

Needs abit of improvement. Well, i don't want to seem as a grammar-nazi, but proper in-game grammar makes the game look a way better. An i think a better bit of variety would've been fine too. Like territory giving the owner some kida bonuses, some upgradeable stuff that you can't get from the start or any other way. Like maybe some abilities, some cosmetical changes to your guys, etc.
Otherwise, a good game.