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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

Mixed Bag...


Decent gameplay, but a little repetitive - medal creation and implementation needs a lot of work - who's going to play through the whole game 6 times? Really? A couple are glitched - 10 Hippy girls, 100 money. And why is it worth 5 points to beat it with the metal guys but 25 for beating it with any other team? Weird.

I like this developer, but when other sites post their stuff on NG, they had better be sure they are ready for Prime Time. This one doesn't quite make the cut.

Good game

I like the game, I have found one glitch though. When the computer uses the Super Kick upgrade, the game stops as it should. If I however use it right after that, the game continues... Little glitch.

I do like this concept and I hope you'll make a sequel. Now just one more question... How do you get the Mamas Killed medal?

Bug Found

Slow and bugged, fix it for more rating

the bug I found is the life of your house, i've upgraded it to 200 and Still have 50
Too slow, I've spent 2 hours and still didn't won the game

Not bad, but easily breakable

All you need to do to win the game is upgrade any unit to have 0.5 sec spawn time, then only upgrade that unit's stats, and spam it from the start of the stage. you win, every single time. else, like other reviews, maybe sort out the gfx to look different for different groups? Otherwise good game

A fine game, but...

Needs abit of improvement. Well, i don't want to seem as a grammar-nazi, but proper in-game grammar makes the game look a way better. An i think a better bit of variety would've been fine too. Like territory giving the owner some kida bonuses, some upgradeable stuff that you can't get from the start or any other way. Like maybe some abilities, some cosmetical changes to your guys, etc.
Otherwise, a good game.