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Reviews for "Urban Wars"


2 why ?
Some reasons :
Unbalanced : Just upgrade 1 unit and spam it.
and game crashed when I launched a "Super" a millisecond after the AI "Super"

The good the bad and the laggy

My first major issue with this game is that it is very laggy. If it had a loading bar inbetween stages then it might make me more sure that it is working. Also the first stage is easy and then after that I always run out of people. I never get enough money to upgrade things. Its a fun concept but I feel this game was poorly executed.


pretty fun but it became really repetitive later. played for 2 hours already and still didnt beat it =[


This game seriously does not receive enough love. I like it! Sure, it's not super innovative or addicitve in a way that makes you want to sit at the screen for 6 hours, but it's fun! The gang war idea's been quite overused , so it wasn't all that original, but the superkicks were unique and interesting. It has decent graphics(but I had to switch to low quality for it to stop friggin lagging)! and suiting music for each team.

Improvements: Firstly, the instructions on how to play could have been more clear rather than just pictures. Also, to play through each gang's story would take forever. Just getting through it once is hard enough! The upgrades were typical. Some suggestions I have is to be able to unlock more abilities or units(people watever) when you have the money. Also, the superkicks should be able to increase in power too, not just the number of uses. But, overall, a good game!

good but

too much bug