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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

Very Cool Game :3

There's much Win in this!

Perfect usin' of the STereotyping Moves and Outfits :3

Hahah awesome..I just love the Metalguy and the Hippie Special Kicks x3

Wounderful done.

Great Defense Game With lots of Love putted in them.

Great Game :3

Good game

The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because the Rock, Paper, Scissor thing CAN get confusing if you're trying to send members out quickly. I had no lag issues what-so-ever, or freezes.

Not Bad, but lag makes it nearly unplayable.

Liked the territory control Idea, But AI activates police at the end of every game, which freezes the game, and forces the level to played over and over with the same effect. Your police and sometimes your "super" is bugged and laggy as well.

Intriguing concept with a flawed finished product.

Let me start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this game, it was fun, well thought out, quite addicting and it deserved a perfect mark for effort alone :)

However, as I played the game, a few things came to mind that I thought needed improvement.

Firstly the Mama and Police superpowers were just plain frustrating at times. Everytime you'd get a little bit ahead of the AI in gang member numbers, the AI would seemingly chuck a bitch fit and throw a Police or Mama to try to clear the battlefield, which would happen up to 3 times for each superpower in every battle. Most of the time they were only delaying their inevitable loss by doing this and it made the battles much longer and much more boring.

I loved the "Rock, Paper, Scissors; Fat Guy, Girl, Boy" concept that you introduced in order to give the different gangs members strengths and weaknesses but I felt as though you should have gone deeper into it, so that the different gang members are even more unique. For example, it would have been outstanding if you gave each of them the ability to be immune to a certain superpower, a "perk" if you will. The fat guys could have the "Fearless Bastard" perk which would make them immune to the police, the girls could have the "Mama's Girl" perk which would make all girls immune to Mama's attacks and the boys could have the "Reverse Psychology" perk which would make them happy and the enemy sad if a superkick is used. You could have also given the different gangs various starting stat bonuses to reflect upon the gangs lifestyle with a clever little subtitle to explain e.g. "Bling Bling!" - Rapper group starts off with 300 extra dollars or "Mess with us...you get the horns!" - Metal group starts off with +1 Power for all members.

The game itself is solid and enjoyable and I can tell that a lot of work was put into it. The gang member upgrades are visually enticing and humourous and the achievements and medals only add to the greatness. In my eyes, you're worthy for a rating of 10/10 due to this game that kept me entertained for more than a few hours. Keep it up! :D

Rating withheld - lag problems need to be fixed

You game has serious problems: after smashing up all the other gang members, the game sends *ALL* my remaining gang members out... problem is that was about 72 gang members... and all of a sudden the game suffers lag death, causing my entire browser to freeze (however it the browser window loses focus, I do thankfully get the pause screen, so don't have kill the browser to exit the game). (I only got to my fourth battle, and I had just save enough to get lvl 1 in human resources, hence all the spare gang members - why I need to send out all 72 gang members to finish off the enemy base that only has about 25 health remaining is a mystery). In general the game does seem to slow as gang members are added to the screen.

Otherwise the game seems to have potential, and I would like to play it some more before rating it properly. (And I agree the instructions were poor: my first go I was only placing gang members in the bottom lane, until I realised I need to defend the upper lanes as well!)