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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

Trashgame, but with a good premise.

Filled with bugs and glitches. Computer makes more money and upgrades faster - What should okay because 99% of the time, they are to be countered by the player, but the discrepancy is absurdly high, I'd say they make more than thrice the player income because they upgrade everything. I faced 22 HP enemies with 6 atk and 0.5 s spawn delay while they still had multiple mamas/police/specials.

Speaking ok, those are ridiculously useless. Mamas clear only one lane. Police do nothing but stall the match - at best, they postpone the inevitable. Specials just help friendlies (or cripple baddies) on the field once per use.

Most of the upgrades are in fact bogus, only upgrading a single unit to make it a "super soldier" and spam-rolling the enemies with it every time seems to be the ONLY way to achieve victory.

House HP bug was already seen by many people, it's a waste of space to talk about that for the 39475ยบ time here.

Medal for earned money is broken (at least for now... No stars pulled for this one)

Game requires multiple boring runs to properly achieve medals. Those runs are only possible by exploiting the "super soldier" mechanic, which results in a excruciatingly boring experience overall.

Sound and music are okay, I guess. Artwork, too, is nice, and the idea behind the game is actually pretty good. The execution, however, was terrible.

2 stars are more than adequate, everything accounted for.