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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

base life upgrade does not work

Nice concept and pretty fun to play.
I think the "life" upgrade for the base does not work;
Lv.1 says from 50 hitpoints to 100
Lv.2 says from 50 hitpoints to 150 !?!?!? - waste a lot of money

where i can get soundtracks? :) i like it.

is it just me cuz i like the game but every time someone uses the cop thing my game freezes

Decent, glitchy and easy to win

The idea is great, but life and resource upgrades don't work until you refresh the page. After beating the game, I need to refresh the page again to choose another band. Game freezes if I simultaneously win as the computer uses a powerup. The rock paper scissors concept could've been done better as you can just upgrade one unit making it stronger than everything and spam it. Even though the computer cheats with infinite mamas, police, and superkicks with no cooldown, it cannot stop a hoard of 50 fat guys on every lane. If you spread out your upgrades as this game implies, you actually make it harder on yourself. Powerups are too expensive to be worthwhile: an extra police only stalls, a mama just clears 1 lane, and superkicks gives a very small boost to units onscreen at the time. Everything just stalls and aren't game changers. That $400 is easily better spent on maxing spawn time.

tl;dr choose 1 guy and upgrade only him. then spam that one guy for victory.