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Reviews for "Urban Wars"


I like em all except hippie,I had a hard time choosing so I played em all except hippie

I liked it but...

This was a good game but, i think there is a problem. When ever a fight ends it sometimes the game doesn't continue. I love this game, and i think it is great, but just that one problem. Good Job though! :)

Good game, but one critical glitch.

I like the mechanics. I really do. Honestly, though, would it be too much to ask for a simple conditional "If neither side has people left, either call it a draw or give the round to whoever has more help"? Otherwise, though, it's a solid game. I just ran into that glitch twice and it's getting annoying.

Difficulty Curve

My major concern with this is the difficulty of it, you are pretty much thrown in at the deep end for much of it, the opponent has much faster refresh time and often more strength, this is partly down to money being so slow to obtain, this makes it tedious to play.

I do like the concept and I like the little animations, the artwork is also pretty nice as well as the wide range of gangs to choose from, the sounds are also pretty decent. But this is all let down by, as first mentioned, the difficulty. It would have been nice to have a setting to change this, so for those who just want a bit of fun, then they can play Easy and those who want a challenge can pick Hard.

The other thing I don't really like is the very brief instructions, you shouldn't have to start a new game to see them, there should be an option on the menu to see them and it would have been good to see a Tutorial Gang possibily, with one zone so that you can get an idea of how to play.

But other than that, I do think it was good and I got some enjoyment out of it.



Ok, but some bad flaws

The concept is nothing new, but you executed it well. Later in the game however, upgraded units become extremely overpowered. Also, there's a very annoying flaw, if an enemy uses the cop when you have too many units out, the game lags way too much.