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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

please debug your work

Good idea, good looking; not too easy, not too hard, just fine and very fun to play... until you notice bugs that makes you loose just before beating the last bastards (I had the unraised HP bug). That is so frustrating, and there seems to be alots of others bugs. A game I cant finish deserve a less-than-five rating. Fix bugs and i'll rate it 8 or 9!

Not fun

So bored. also I'm trying to figure out how one character with less health less attack can kill 5 of my guys who have +2 health on them and +3 attack

makes perfect sense


I like this game and would rate 10, but I found a glitch ( not the one with the never ending battle, what the others talk about). I upgraded my human resources to level 2 now, but in battle I still have 75. It should be 225 now. And my health isn't upgraded too. Must be 100 but is still 50 in battle. In the shop it says about my resources [75-300]. Should be [225-300]. With this huge disadvantage I always run out of people and get raped by the little army that comes then. And I bet the other glitch ( the one, the others complain about) will face me later, too. I wont play on like this... Only 8/10, fix those 2 glitches and I will vote 5/5. :D

A glitch

This is a very fun game but apparently there's a glitch. After the opposing side runs out gang members to send against you. You automatically send out all of your gang members but if there aren't enough gang members left on your side to bring the opponents health to a zero. The game just pretty much keeps on waiting. You don't lose or win.

Time wasted appreciated.

I thought this game was great. I liked the music intertwined as it was. Its a common game everyone can understand, but you spiced it up a notch.

I can dig it.

But, I found one flaw. I started out by playing with the Metal band. I have reached 50% and figured out all the controls. But as soon as the pushup-loader has finished, nothing happens. The dude keeps doing pushups. Its been going on for about an hour now.