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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

A gem buried in a mountain of dung.

On the surface, this game is appealing; the factions appear to contrast sharply for the most part, and I was drawn in to what I hoped to be an excellent game. Sadly, I was mistaken.

First and foremost, there's no story, other than "pick a side and fight"; every angst-filled teenager seems to suddenly decide to kill everyone who isn't in their 'club'. Even a simple slideshow as an intro would suffice.
Second, the graphics were extremely disappointing; after your depictions of the factions in the "pick a side" screen, the in-game characters paled in comparison; the only difference between any faction's units are just hair and color; they're simply cut-and-paste figures otherwise.
Other poor areas of the game include (but are not limited to) the shop that only improves on stats, the vague instructions upon starting the first battle, and the excruciatingly painful menu music.

All that being said, the game does have some redeeming qualities. The music heard during the battles was excellent, far surpassing the terrible menu music. Even if you used "heavy metal in a can" or something similar, it was a welcome addition that made the battles somewhat better.
The AI is very nice, using tactics that a human would do well to learn from. For example, if you were to focus your units on a particular pathway, the computer would wait until the first unit was nearly on the other side, then send an angry mother to easily finish the job.

If you were to build upon this game, my advice would be to add more 'shop' features, more variety, and clear instructions. I'd rather spend my (ingame) money on new types of units rather than more of the same, and a bearded, tattooed biker bearing down on a shaggy, sitar-toting beatnik is funnier than a hairy fat guy fighting a slightly hairier fat guy.

funny stratergy game

i wasn't able to beat the game beause of a glitch on human resources i was stuck at 75 only although it is supposed to be at 300; however, i think you shouldn't give too many people or else the game would be way too easy.
anything other than that is one round i've got enemy health to zero and still lost because i was out of people.
anyways, great game to waste time beating each other up lol


I found myself enjoying this until my third or fourth match where it just became unplayable. At the end of the round every time I play now the opposing team uses the police sending whomever I have left of the field into a panic and back towards their houses. This happens just as the rest of my group start swarming to overtake the area and win the round. This causes such extreme lag that it renders the game unplayable. If it weren't for this I would have rated much higher.


I liked it, till it sorta just lagged, so i'll give it sorta just 0/10


I'm not sure how I should feel about this game. And I'm not really sure how to play it. You included instructions when we started the level, but I found them to be extremely vague, they didn't really tell me much on how to play the game or what exactly the power ups do. I also found the opponents a lot stronger than my characters, it seems like it took me 2-3 people just to kill one small person. I gave it a try, but in the end I just don't like games where I have no clue as to whats going on. I hope you can improve this a bit, it could be a good and fun game.