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Reviews for "Pico's Unwrapping!"

This is pretty good but...

Even in the beginning you acknowledge that it's for mature audiences. Why isn't this an adult animation? It has sex and masturbation scenes which definitely qualify it for being adult. You lose some points for trying to cheat the system, but this was pretty good overall.

Great simple fun

Animation is smooth, all refs are sweet, music is fun and "innocent", the ending is hilarious... For two weeks, that is quite a good job. Hope you'll keep this going.

- Just might be re-rated as Adult / Mature, or you can make if you'd like to because this has potential to be erotic/porn, if your character is like in his pre/middle teens, we all did have the same ideas and sensation feelings.

rhye11 responds:

tnx..i've put this on adult category

i love happy endings

prepare your sorry ass for the top 50 cuz ull make it there

me jelly of ur awesome movie

Love all the references.

I loved every reference the music gets annoying after a while but since it fits the style I cant object. Great animation.

rhye11 responds:


Marc Summers is Nowhere in Sight

With this much adult themes, this really should be an "M" - Rated cartoon.

A silent cartoon (with excellent musical score) that depicts the many foibles that come with having so many eccentric friends who deliver gifts on your birthday. This Pico Day submission's quality extends beyond this date, meaning it is great for any time of the year. Excellent work from a little-known gentleman from the Philippines!

rhye11 responds:

thats very much appreciated..tnx man