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Reviews for "Pico's Unwrapping!"

Ha Ha

Happy B-Day, Pico

Good-ish Pico entry

Real great flash and I loved the content of it, funny stuff man. Good animation too, pretty smooth even if simple in some aspects. Note: at the time of this posting the score of this flash is 4.20 lol. Overall a good flash, but I didn't like Pico's hair and like I said before, It is a bit simple to be a Pico day entry, as the winning flashes are usually much more hardcore, but It is definitely a good first time

M or A: It was certainly provocative at times but since there was no direct nudity or anything else that would actually make this rated A, It should be fine.

Pico face


wow LOL

Good animation
The only thing i would point out is the clock scene in the beginning, the clocks on the left wall look like they're facing the same way as the other wall


heh? what the hell di i jst watch? P.S should be rated under A to answer your question.