Reviews for "NGuser and Tom Fulp B-day"

Loved It!!

Haha, the NGuser one is so true!

As always, I loved your style and humour. Will always be on the lookout for your creations :)

Damn dolphins mutants ... )^_^(

you will always be great to do that in your damn ... congratulations on anime ... ^ _ ^

Great Job.


Pretty good.

To be honest, I didn't much care for the one about Tom Fulp's Birthday, even though I did catch both references, one from Clockwork Orange, and the other from the game Club a Seal that Tom made a long ass time ago. If I may make a suggestion, it would have been funnier had it been Tom Fulp himself killing the seals.

The flash about the average Newgrounds user, however, I found absolutely hilarious, and undoubtably true. I watched it a couple times because I was laughing too much the first time. NG users, hate good natured spam, but furry hentai, now THAT'S just fine.

Overall, your animation skills surpassed my expectations (which I admit to have been low), and the humor was very interesting. Not a bad movie at all.

golfinho responds:

ok, to understand the seal part you should read the autobiography of Tom Fulp, about tom childhood


I loved the NG user part because it's so true (well, for some people at least).

golfinho responds: