Reviews for "NGuser and Tom Fulp B-day"


Tom told me that he gives me the money next day and then he buys you shoes so we can be cute and marry me. He is so happy right now because he saw it.

Awful rating

On the video NGuser Adventure i saw a penis tits a vagina and some kind of 2 girls one cup remake. But the other video was ok


This is sick Fuck you!

Hahahahaha Newgrounders love to hate em hate to love em. The NG user adventure was just perfect in fact it's been a while since I've seen one of those kind of parodies around here.

As for the other....

Wow Golfy I don't know how you do it man but I love you forever for it!


I love it!


Short, but get their point across wonderfully. Guess that's what happens when you cut out the other 5 min of hentai! =]

golfinho responds:

thanks Joexp