Reviews for "NGuser and Tom Fulp B-day"

I love it

The one about tom fulp...kinda disturbing..

there's wasn't enough hentai

But nparalleled stylistic dadaism

Well, let me begin by saying..

In a world beset on all sides by the gnashing jaws of restrictive censorship, in a world where our very basic human rights - to expression, to creativity and most importantly, to see a cute little ball of fluff bludgeoned to death by a racial stereotype who will probably never see this work of utter brilliance - are brought into question, this man stands up. I applaud you, good sir. Never before have the interests of members of Newgrounds been so well represented, both by the contents of this flash, and - as I'm sure you'll agree - by the charming gesture Tom received this April.

Not Bad...

But the "Tom Fulo B-day" is so sad,I abused it,:'(