Reviews for "NGuser and Tom Fulp B-day"


animating is great but do you think its rated TEEN?


this is fucking hilarious i love it so much i could cum all over myself it wouldnt be as cool

i tried it dont question it

Damn, golfino

Your stuff continues to make me giggle.

golfinho responds:

you are the indie pixel guy!

Great job!

The animation style reminds me of Ren and Stimpy; wacky, kind of surreal, but well thought-out and executed. My only critique is this: The Tom Fulp flash is on a loop. You might want to give that a definitive beginning and ending, like you did with the first flash.

Keep up the great work!

golfinho responds:


O my...

Always a bizarre pleasure to watch ur sick crap animated pornographic flash submission.

golfinho responds:

thanks for all you reviews in my flash, i think peoples with you make me work .