Reviews for "The Bridge"


Beautiful sunsets AND beautiful girls! MY ONLY WEAKNESS! Why for arth thou so cruel...

(In all seriousness, magnificent fucking job. I love how the coloring creates a background lighting effect and the shading is so damn fantastic. And the view? is just killer.)

Dahlia-K responds:

Haha my favorite as well. I love sunset themes.
And thankyou for all this love really!❤

This is the kind of stuff is what I want to do when I’m older and more talented
And skilled allthough it seems I will never get there. All the competitions I have entered I have lost and I don’t really see my work improving but anyway It is honestly really pretty and I love the use of lighting and warm colors. I can see the picture moving even though it is still and I know what it sounds like how the weather is the time of day. It is really good. (To me it’s really humid and at the almost nighttime time of day and the cicadas are buzzing with some wind in the back.) Keep it up I would love to see more of your stuff.

Dahlia-K responds:

Aww thankyou so much! I am really flattered.♡
And dont ever think that. You just got to keep swimming!
Practice and love what you do and youll get there sooner than you think

Is that... love? The speech/thought bubble seems to clash with the melancholy motive, if the black's meant to mean a lack of, maybe something like a shattered bubble, or a cross, or the heart in two pieces would get that across better? Everything else about it is beautiful. The sun. The girl. That cats. A sad but serene scene, somber yet spirited, and theme maybe referring to the bridge over troubled water? Really nice piece.


Dahlia-K responds:

Thankyou so much!
And the heart speech bubble is like my signature watermark so I cant really do without it.
Only the prints I sell are without watermarks

Congratulations on having this front paged Dahlia-K. It's beautiful as always.

Dahlia-K responds:

Thankyou so much! Yes I was very happy to see that!! ❤

spectacular light ... expressive composition