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Reviews for ""Dragon and PhoeniX""

knox ain't got nothin on you

You ever seen knoxes claymations? well yours I'm happy and sad to say ae way better.

Pretty cool!

I usually hate claymation, but you turned out to be quite the sculptor! I'd give this a better score if there was some sort of story, interaction, or just something other than art-exhibition, but the surprisingly high-quality art gets you a 7/10 by itself.

TheSJproduction responds:

Thank you, that comment means alot for a person that isn't into claymation. :P

Very cool.

I don't know if this is a true flash or not, but I really liked the transformations. It was really cool.

Good job! :)

omg, wow!

You're really talented when it comes to claymation. Maybe next time you can make a movie where the Phoenix fights the dragon :)


Was good :)
BUUUUUUUUUT i don' think it belongs in the Flash Portal..