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Reviews for ""Dragon and PhoeniX""

Very cool.

Your frames are so smooth and the actual animating technique is great. The only thing I would recommend is maybe doing a few studies in sculpture of the anatomy animals and people. Just sit down and work on something in order to make it accurate instead of for the purpose of animation. A life-like look would add greatly to the life-like movement you have achieved.

I am amazed

A bit to much on the dragon, even if the phoenix was harder to animate a turn around and a few closeups would be awesome. It's clear lots of work went into these pieces and they deserve to be shown off.


impressively detailed, and I liked the color. I see this one had a lot more audio-animation interaction than your revolution piece, which I really like. Would have liked to have seen more with the phoenix, but it looks like it was hard to work with.

nicely done

i got to say this is the best clayanimations ive seen. it's so smooth and i sure can't do something like this. as one artist to another, keep up the work.


Your clay sculpting is just astounding.